5 Tips to Nail Your Leasing Interview

Nail Your Apartment Leasing Interview


Congratulations, you took the first step in starting a new career in multifamily by applying for an awesome leasing position and you landed an interview! Now it’s time to show your interviewer that you are the right person for the role. No need to get nervous because we have five easy tips to help you nail your leasing interview and land that job.

1. Prepare

The first step you take going into any interview should always be to prepare. Take the time to research the role you applied for and the company you’ll be interviewing with. Look over the job description and think of specific ways you fit the qualifications so that when it comes time to talk about why you’re a good fit for the role you have some great examples top of mind. When you take the time to properly prepare for an interview it puts your mind at ease because you know that you’re going into the hot seat with all the information you need to succeed.

2. Be confident

Nerves during an interview are normal but if you let them get the best of you it can hurt your chances of moving on in the hiring process. The multifamily industry is service-oriented and employers search for candidates that can handle high-stress situations and control their nerves enough to focus on problem-solving and ultimately customer satisfaction. One of the skills they look for is confidence because it’s a sign that candidate can handle difficult situations and talk to residents with ease. Exude confidence during your interview by steadying your breath and speech, talking loudly and clearly, keeping good posture, and a happy expression. For more tips on this step check out our blog on building confidence.

3. Know your stuff

The first two steps will get you halfway there, but you also have to show the interviewer that you have the basic skills necessary for the role. In leasing, those skills might include knowledge of fair housing laws, familiarity with leasing agreements, working knowledge of customer service techniques, etc. Prepare some examples from your previous work experiences that highlight those attributes. If you don’t have leasing or multifamily experience you can still pull on the experience you have in other customer service roles that might be related. Preparing examples in advance keeps you from hesitating or blanking during the interview; now you’ll be prepared to elaborate on the value you bring to the workplace.

4. Be polite and personable

It is very important to be well mannered in any workplace setting and especially during an interview. Not only does this keep you from possibly offending your interviewer, but it also makes you more personable. Interviewers want to know that you have the professionalism needed for a leasing role. Some things that you should avoid include checking your phone, using profane words, making comments about appearance or other private matters, not paying attention, and interrupting or talking over your interviewer. Some things you can do to be more personable include saying please and thank you, keeping eye contact, actively listening, asking questions, and lastly being sure to smile and laugh. It’s okay, even encouraged, to loosen up a little during your interview so you don’t come off too stiff. Your interviewer is just a person, and you don’t have to be super shy or nervous just be yourself.

5. Ask questions

At the end of an interview, you will almost always be asked if you have any questions, and you should always say yes! Have questions prepared ahead of time and of course be sure to ask any questions you may have thought of during the interview. This is the time to get elaboration on anything you’re unsure about or just get answers to things that weren’t touched on during the interview. Asking questions is also a great way to show your employer you are a serious candidate who cares about the role. It’s good to have at least three questions prepared and then you’ll likely have a few more to pull from your interview itself. Try using some of the examples below:

  • What is the company culture like here?
  • What’s the most challenging part of this role?
  • How do you measure success in this role?

Now that you have these tips, you’ll be prepared to nail your leasing interview! If you’re interested in building a career in the multifamily industry but not sure where to start make sure to check out our job board where you can browse various leasing positions in your local area!