How to Build Confidence in Your Skills

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Confidence is one of the most sought-after qualities for hiring managers in the Property Management Industry. It is essential for managers to know that their employees provide excellent service day in and day out. When it comes to customer and client-facing roles that’s just the lay of the land and not everyone is best suited for these positions; even so, there are always candidates that show strong potential and just need to hone their skills to build their confidence. If you’re interested in building your confidence, we have five tips that are sure to help you get there.

1. Identify your strengths

We all have natural strengths and for some those skills are easy to identify but others may not be as self-aware. You can’t feel confident in your skills if you are not sure what they are. Start by thinking of the things you enjoy doing and the things you notice you’ve done better than others in the past. If you are still not quite sure ask your boss, coworkers, or friends for some feedback. We tend to be our toughest critics and you may find those around you have much more insight into what you excel in than you yourself. Even if you do receive negative feedback, it is usually constructive and that will tell you what things you can begin to work on.

2. Practice, practice, practice

Skills are not developed overnight and the best way to sharpen your skills is by getting yourself experience. We learn best by trial and error. The more you practice your skills the quicker you will learn what works and what doesn’t, and after a lot of practice, it will come naturally to you. This rings true for any skill whether you are learning to draw or working to be an excellent communicator you need to train yourself to do better. The other upside to practicing is that you will have experience that leaves you feeling prepared for whatever comes your way and that leads directly to confidence.

3. Never stop learning

Even professionals with years of experience under their belt make it a point to continue learning. Industries evolve, techniques become more advanced and with them expectations tend to shift. To stay ahead of the curve, it’s beneficial to learn more and regularly set new goals for yourself. When you go out of your way to accomplish something new in your field it feels rewarding and you’ll have a renewed sense of confidence.

4. Know your limits

In the same way we all have natural strengths, we all have natural weaknesses too. It may seem like the people around you excel at everything they do but that is likely not the case. When we push ourselves too far, spread ourselves too thin, and try to work on projects we know little about we set ourselves up to fail. It is okay to have limits and it’s important to know what they are. Be honest with yourself about your weaknesses and be patient in trying to fix them; in the meantime, when your boss or coworker asks something of you that you know you have limited experience in ask for help. Grow your confidence by accepting your limits, learning from those around you, and moving forward.

5. Stay positive

There will be moments in your career where you have some doubt but keeping a positive outlook will help you carry your confidence through those moments too. An easy way to do this is by focusing on solutions as opposed to problems. If you are in a tough situation at work don’t let your anxiety grow from the issue you are facing, instead start thinking about what you can do to fix the problem or move past it. In addition to keeping your spirits high, being positive will motivate those around you and draw others to work with you. While it’s important to remember validation should come from yourself first, validation from others can significantly boost your confidence and work motivation.

It is never a bad time to start building your confidence and with these five tips, you’ll be sure to stand out as a great candidate for any role in multifamily. Use these tips to feel self-assured in the positions you take on and to be an advocate for yourself among future employers. Now, go check out our job board and find the perfect property management role for you.

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