Maximizing Multifamily Operations this Summer with Temporary Staffing


Summer is one of the busiest seasons of the year for multifamily properties. The workload can be overwhelming, from resident move-ins and move-outs to increased maintenance and PTO requests and vibrant community events. Many multifamily property managers rely on temporary staffing services to manage this seasonal surge efficiently, and here’s why temporary staffing is a smart solution for summer:


1. Flexible Workforce

Temporary staffing provides the flexibility to scale your workforce up or down based on demand. Whether you need additional leasing agents to handle increased tours or extra maintenance personnel for summertime repairs, temporary staff can fill these roles quickly. InterSolutions staff is ready to work a variety of leasing, maintenance, porter, and concierge positions, providing you with the unique opportunity to ensure your community is covered in any event.


2. Cost-Effective Solution

Hiring temporary staff helps control costs. Rather than paying overtime to existing employees who may already be working long hours or hiring permanent staff for a seasonal increase in work, temporary staffing services allow you to manage expenses more effectively and work to keep staff happy. When you use InterSolutions’ unique JumpStart Payroll Service, you can place employees that you select onto your payroll, where we then handle payroll administration, taxes, reporting, and workers’ compensation. This service allows you to be sure a candidate is a good fit in your community before hiring, and when you’re ready to make the hire, there are no minimum hours or conversion fees!


3. Quick Onboarding

Reputable staffing agencies provide pre-screened, qualified candidates who can quickly integrate into your team. This reduces the time and effort spent on recruitment and training, ensuring that your property operations continue smoothly. InterSolutions identifies top talent and interviews them to ensure they meet standards. Then, assessments and background checks are conducted to eliminate any hiring risks, ensuring a quick and seamless start in your community!


4. Maintaining Service Quality

High-quality service is crucial, especially during peak seasons like the summer months. Temporary staff helps to maintain service standards by ensuring that all tasks are covered, from maintenance requests to resident inquiries, allowing your permanent team to focus on more strategic tasks. Each InterSolutions associate is industry and Fair Housing trained, and in combination with our game-changing technology, state-of-the-art recruiting, and 24/7/365 call center, you’ll never have to worry about associates harming a community’s established service quality.


5. Employee Well-being

Temporary staff can greatly alleviate any burden placed on permanent employees, reducing the risk of burnout. By distributing the workload, you can ensure that your team remains productive and motivated, providing a better experience for your residents. InterSolutions has temp-to-perm services, meaning that the opportunity to keep temporary staff members working in your community permanently is available! If they’re not a fit, we’ll replace them promptly.


6. Event Support

Summer is often filled with community events and activities. Temporary staff can assist with event planning and execution, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and residents have a positive experience. For community events hosted outside, it is imperative that communities have enough staff to rotate during the heat to avoid dangers like heat exhaustion, so don’t wait until it’s too late – Request temporary staff for your outdoor events today!



Temporary staffing services are an invaluable resource for multifamily properties during the busy summer months. They offer flexibility, cost savings, and the ability to maintain high service standards. By leveraging temporary staff, you can ensure that your property operates efficiently, keeping residents satisfied and your team happy.


Embrace the benefits of temporary staffing this summer with InterSolutions and keep your multifamily property running at its best! Request an employee here today!

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