Multifamily Hospitality Employee Appreciation

employee appreciation

Hospitality is expanding and increasing in the Multifamily industry, and managers must show employee appreciation to retain their staff members. It is increasingly common for communities to need staff that are able to tend to amenities and services like concierge professionals, maintenance technicians, package room attendants, and much more. At InterSolutions, we have been providing communities with excellent staff for these types of services for years! February 23rd is National Hospitality Workers Appreciation Day, so let’s dive into a few ideas on how Multifamily Property Managers can show appreciation for their employees:


Celebrate Stellar Employees

Recognizing stellar employees in a way that makes them feel special is important. You want your staff members to know that you see their hard work and encourage them to continue putting in effort. Reward great work, recognize staff often, and encourage peer-to-peer recognition. A key aspect to remember about employee appreciation is to be consistent in your recognition; Keep up with celebration and reward strategies and remember not to play favorites. The employees who stick around are those who are appreciated, so encourage your staff often and celebrate their successes with them!


Empower Your Employees

As employees grasp their roles and excel in them, it is important to give them more responsibility and decision-making opportunities that affect their work when there is room to do so. Empowering your employees and allowing them to create their own path in their role shows them you trust them, encourages them to work, and shows that you are supportive. Another great way to empower employees and show appreciation is by inviting them to share their experiences, feedback, suggestions, and anything else they may have to improve operations. Don’t forget to give credit when credit is due! If an employee suggests something that is now being implemented, share with the team whose idea it was. Listening to your employees is a crucial aspect of employee appreciation as a manager, so be sure to provide your workers with a way to voice their opinions.


Celebrate Milestones

Show staff that you care by celebrating their achievements with them! Work anniversaries, promotions, certifications, and team milestones are only a few of the many ways that managers can acknowledge and celebrate their employees. Post the celebrated employees for a given month on a board for all to see, give them a small gift or hand-written card, whatever works in your community to show your employees that you appreciate them!


Know Your Team

When showing appreciation for employees, it is important to know who they are other than what their role is and what tasks they complete in a day. Knowing their interests, hobbies, and what’s important to them helps you create a team environment and allows you to celebrate them personally. If family is most important to staff members, incorporating their family into a reward for the employee might be a more personal, stand-out way to recognize hard work and achievement. For others, competition could be better and they may feel more like they earned a reward. Try showing employee appreciation by designating a parking spot for a month to recognize a milestone or work activity. Employees may not want their photos plastered anywhere and would not appreciate their photos on a board or website for all to see, so knowing your employees helps to be able to appreciate them in a manner that they would like. Personal recognition techniques should be used as they are proven to motivate employees more than general appreciation strategies. Get to know your team!


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