Employee Spotlight: Meet the Fort Worth Team

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Meet the Fort Worth Market!

Bayley Hawthorne – Bayley is from Fort Worth, Texas and she has been in the Multifamily industry for four years. Bayley started on-site as a leasing consultant and then was promoted to assistant manager. In 2022 Bayley won the TAAEF ambassador challenge and in 2023 she won assistant manager of the year! Bayley enjoys hanging out with her family/friends and of course her fur babies as well as going to watch live music. Any time, anywhere, and she’s there! Bayley has been with InterSolutions for about 6 months now, and she is really enjoying the vendor side! She loves that she is still able to network with past coworkers and meet new clients in the process. Bayley is excited to see what the future has in store for her with InterSolutions and looks forward to all the goals she meets with her team!

Angie Zubia – Angie started with InterSolutions in July of 2022 in the Houston market before she moved to DFW in January of 2023. She loves being a staffing coordinator and it has quickly become the career she didn’t realize she needed. Angie was a paralegal for 11 years and this transition was new to her, but she is glad that she took that leap of faith because she LOVES her job! More importantly, she notes, is that she loves the team that she works with daily and the fact that they really are “Good People”, which isn’t something that they just say. Angie has a 13-year-old daughter who is the light of her life and her favorite hobby is cooking and entertaining and finding different ways to make her family get out of their comfort zone! She has a dark sense of humor and enjoys making people laugh, and she has adopted the view that she wants to live a life of service, whether that be to her community, her associates, or her family and friends.  Angie says that InterSolutions was one of the best decisions she’s made!

Janette Barron – Janette has been with Intersolutions since June of 2021; She was brought in as a Staffing Specialist for Dallas/Fort Worth. Previously, Janette was a Staffing Coordinator with a competitor for 3 years, so she was very excited when this opportunity came around because she’d be working with a group of people she had previously worked with. After a couple of market changes, Janette is currently assisting with admin and payroll for our Fort Worth Branch. When she’s not working, Janette spends the majority of her time loving and playing with her 3-year-old pup (she has another pup who is 13 years old but he’s not as active) Aside from that Janette typically enjoys the downtime she has by watching movies.

Amber Hale – Amber comes from an onsite background of 15 years, with 10 years as an assistant property manager. She has always loved the apartment industry and made her change to staffing at the end of December 2021 and is about to celebrate her 2nd work anniversary with InterSolutions. Amber says, “Being able to help our associates find a work home is so rewarding and it just makes me feel good to be a part of it.”  Amber has had the opportunity to work with several markets during these last 2 years; she started in the Atlanta market, then moved to Austin, and was then asked to open our Tulsa and Oklahoma City branches. She now floats between Kansas City and Fort Worth and can jump in to help anywhere additional help is needed. Amber has learned so much by working in so many different areas and has been able to grow in her career.


We sat down with Bayley, Angie, Janette, and Amber to get to know them a bit better, and this is what they had to say:


Which part of your workday is your favorite and why?

Bayley – “My favorite part of my workday is the Teams calls we have as a team. I love getting to hear everyone’s game plan for the day and the encouragement towards one another to reach our goals!”

Angie – “Sending my HC at the end of the day. It always puts a smile on my face because it is a good gauge of what I have done with my day and where I need to improve for the next. Also, the Hey Gang chat is where most people jump in to offer encouragement. It’s a great way to end the workday. ”

Janette – “The end of the day, whether you’re a Staffing Coordinator, Recruiter, or Admin Support it’s always great to reflect on your hard work for the day and see your accomplishments and goals you have met. ”

Amber – “My favorite part of the day is when we are filling orders and getting people sent out to work. Knowing we are providing work to someone while watching our head counts grow can be really fun & exciting!”

What is one thing you’d recommend to your younger self, before starting your career?

Bayley – “Don’t ever doubt yourself. Change comes with challenges that help you grow as an individual. Get out of your comfort zone!”

Angie – “To adopt the mindset that you cannot let fear govern your decision making! I don’t let my fear of failing at something be the reason why I don’t do that thing. Honestly, having to live with the “what would have happened” is far worse than trying and failing. That I cannot live with. Failure means that at least I tried.”

Janette – “Keep learning and wanting to learn. Being knowledgeable in different areas allows you to be a bigger support to your team.”

Amber – “I would definitely tell my younger self to stay focused and organized. This is what has truly helped me be successful in the onsite world as well as with staffing.”

What advice would you give to someone new to the industry?

Bayley – “There is no such thing as a stupid question! Never be scared to ask for help to ensure you are learning the tasks correctly.”

Angie – “Ask for help and don’t be afraid to get your team involved. No person is an island, and everyone here is happy to help you. That is what will make you truly great at this job.”

Janette – “Have patience and be open to change! This industry has a lot of moving parts and every day brings something new. It can be overwhelming and frustrating, but if you are patient you can resolve most issues or problems. If something you are doing is not giving you the results you want, be open to changing it up and think outside the box.

Amber – ” I would tell someone new to the industry not to take things personally or too seriously. Learn to laugh and not sweat the small stuff.”

If you could be any person for one day, who would you be and why?

Bayley – “Blake Lively, I think that is self-explanatory. Lol.”

Angie – “I can’t think of a person but I wouldn’t mind being either one of my spoiled pets for a day because they are living the life!”

Janette – “Stevie Nicks because she’s Stevie Nicks lol.”

Amber – “If I could be any person for a day, it would be Dolly Parton.  I would love to live a day in her shoes (literally) as I have always loved her since I was a little girl.  I would love to get to sing like her, have her wardrobe, and just get to entertain fans. She has such a loving heart for people and such talent.”

What current fact about your life would most impress your younger self?

Bayley – “The fact about myself would be that I am stronger than I ever thought I was or could be. I’ve had highs and lows and learned from them both to make me the person I am today!”

Angie – “That my parents are proud of the person I have become and the little girl that I am raising on my own. That I have made it this far and not had to compromise my moral compass or my beliefs and that I am instilling those qualities in my daughter.”

Janette – “Getting my dream vehicle (a Jeep).”

Amber – “One fact about my current self that I think would impress my younger self is being a mom to 2 daughters. It has been the best part of my life to be a mother and see my girls grow into beautiful, responsible people.  I am so very proud of them!”

If you could bring back any fashion trend, what would you bring back and why?

Bayley – “Skinny jeans! Apparently, they are no longer “cool” according to my little sister but I disagree. They are perfect for all seasons!”

Angie – “The only trends that I would LOVE to bring back are good manners, being respectful to others, and kindness. I don’t think we could ever have enough of those things and they never ever go out of style!”

Janette – “I think most fashion trends have made their way back so hard to say but maybe 70’s style Halter Tops or Curtain Bangs.”

Amber – “Well, since all of the 90’s styles are back, this is what I love. Shopping with my 14-year-old for styles I wore in high school is super fun and makes me wish I’d saved my clothes.”


Thank you, Bayley, Angie, Janette, and Amber for taking the time to share about yourselves and for letting us get to know you all a bit more!

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