Amenities that will Attract Renters to Your Community

Amenities that will Attract Renters

Flashy amenities are definitely attractive, but those that are used every day are what draws in residents. Sure, a soundproof room for residents to record videos may attract a specific audience, but few if any residents have that amenity on their “must-have” list when choosing a community to live in. The most practical aspects of your community are those that residents need. After all, who wouldn’t want to live in an apartment with in-unit laundry machines? Here are some amenities that will help attract and retain residents:

Package Lockers

Online shopping has grown exponentially in recent years, and this increase in shopping yields more packages being delivered. This calls for better and more safe spaces to store packages when they are delivered. Package lockers are a great way to keep residents’ deliveries stored safely until they can come to retrieve them, and most likely will become one of the “must-see” spots on the next tour of your community!

Reliable and Strong Wi-Fi

Post-COVID, many everyday activities are conducted online. This brings an increase in the need, not desire, for strong and reliable Wi-Fi. Residents may be working or taking classes online, or they may even just want to decompress watching their favorite show after a long day, and having Wi-Fi that works is definitely attractive.

Online Rent Option

Paying for things with the tap of a button has become the new norm, and that includes rent payments. Online rent payment typically includes auto-pay and/or payment reminder features which could prove to be extremely beneficial, making sure tenants pay on time and don’t miss payments entirely.

Maintenance Request Form

Submitting a maintenance request is an activity that most residents will have to do at some point, so why not make it easy? Upon move-in or each new year, inform tenants on how to access and submit a maintenance request form. This helps eliminate confusion and shows tenants that your team is responsive and ready to help!

In-unit Dishwasher/Laundry Machine

If possible, having dishwashers and/or laundry machines in each unit is a HUGE convenience factor for prospective residents. While some may not necessarily mind, not many residents want to trek across the property in the heat or cold to wash their laundry. Making this change to convenience your residents will definitely boost retention rates and attract more prospects.

Plenty of Parking

Having ample parking spots on the property is something that is extremely attractive to residents. Many communities in urban locations struggle to find space for parking spots, and passes are limited to one per unit or even a parking lottery. Providing more than enough spots for all residents with vehicles, and even guest spots, will naturally attract residents to your community.

Pet Waste Bags (if pets are allowed)

If your community allows pets, providing waste bags for residents to use is beneficial for all parties involved! If residents do not want the burden of buying the waste bags, providing them increases the likelihood of their usage, which also helps to maintain the cleanliness of the outdoors of the property. No prospect wants to come to tour the community to find pet waste scattered around, so providing bags helps attract residents and retain the ones you already have.


Unique amenities definitely stand out, but making sure your community has what residents need is more important!


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