Tips for Hosting A Great Career Fair

Are you looking for new employees to join your team? Hosting a career fair is a great way to meet potential candidates and see who may be a great fit for your community. If you’ve never hosted one before, don’t worry – we have you covered! Below are a few tips for hosting a successful career fair.

Pick the right location.

If you are hiring at one specific property, host your career fair there. If you are hiring at multiple properties, choose the location with the most openings. This will give potential candidates a feel for where they could be working.

Set a budget.

Hosting a career fair doesn’t have to put a dent in your pocket, especially if you’re hosting the event at your property. Just make sure you have tables, chairs, any handouts you might want potential candidates to have, and light refreshments.

Market the event.

Don’t underestimate the power of marketing! Promote your career fair on social media, post flyers locally, and put up signage around your community. Listing your career fair on job boards is another great way to reach people who are currently searching for new positions!

Hand out information about the positions and the community.

Hand out postcards or brochures to give potential candidates a feel for your community. Have your logo printed on freebies as a “thank you” for those who attend!

Follow up with candidates.

If you choose not to offer a candidate the position on-site, be sure you don’t go too long without following up afterward.

Team up with InterSolutions!

Are you ready to host a career fair? We can help! We’ll team up to recruit qualified candidates in your area. We will help you market the event, create signage, post on job boards, and even schedule applicants. Candidates of your choice can even be put to work the next day with our JumpStart Payroll service.

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