Spring Events for Your Community


Despite the cold temperatures in many areas of the country, Spring and warmer weather are just around the corner (finally)! While we are busy preparing for Spring clean-up and making sure our property looks its best, it’s important not to forget that this change in weather is a great time to create a sense of community within your community.

Throwing an event for your community is a great way to show them you appreciate them, which in turn may increase your resident retention.

Here are a few events you can throw to encourage a sense of community:

Outdoor Movie

Outdoor events are a must when the weather is nice, and everyone loves a movie night! Rent a projector and pick a recent family-friendly flick or have residents vote on the movie in advance. Throw in some popcorn and you have the perfect movie night!

Flower Arrangement Class

Nothing says Spring like flowers! This is a great event to let residents let out their creative side and celebrate the season. Contact a local florist and they may be interested in helping you host!

Workout Class

A community workout class is an excellent opportunity for residents to meet each other! Yoga is a popular option due to not needing much equipment. This event can be held indoors or outdoors if the weather allows.

Ice Cream Social

A cold treat for a warm, Spring day – there’s no dessert better than ice cream! A few different ice cream flavors and tons of toppings will definitely make this a favorite event!

Family-friendly Barbeque

Invite residents to an outdoor barbeque if the weather allows. You can even make it a potluck, and ask each resident to bring their favorite side or dessert (just be sure everyone knows not to include the main allergens in any of the dishes).

Finally, be sure to have staff members present at whatever event you choose to throw if their schedules allow it. Residents can ask questions and get to know the members of your team.

If you’re looking for new associates to join your team this Spring, InterSolutions has industry-trained professionals ready to tackle any role in your community!