Why use staffing agencies like InterSolutions?

Have you ever considered using a staffing agency to find candidates for your company? When searching for candidates to fill job openings within their companies, some employers turn to staffing firms for expert help. Staffing agencies are typically quick to find qualified individuals and can potentially save a company’s hiring manager a lot of time searching for the right person. They can fill full-time, part-time, temporary, or contracted positions.

What is a niche staffing firm and why use one?

There are also niche staffing agencies and job boards that focus on a particular industry, area, or skill set. These firms are likely experts in their niche and can provide industry-trained staff to employers who are looking to fill positions quickly. Other reasons these agencies are popular include:

  • To save on training. The employees hired through a niche job board are likely well-versed in the industry they are entering. If they are new to an industry, it’s common for the staffing agency to provide training.
  • To save time. Because these candidates are trained and knowledgeable, they can begin work almost immediately.
  • Temp to perm benefits. This provides the employer with the opportunity to work with a candidate and see if they are a good fit before hiring them permanently.

Why work with InterSolutions?

The perks listed above are just a few of the reasons you may want to work with a niche staffing company like InterSolutions. As we say, Multifamily staffing isn’t just what we do, it’s ALL we do! InterSolutions is an expert in the multifamily and property management industries. We match industry-trained leasing, maintenance, and concierge professionals with the property management companies that need them most, but the benefits of working with InterSolutions don’t stop there.

We’ve been in the business for more than 25 years. Additionally, many of our staff members joined the InterSolutions team with years of experience under their belts. From our staffing specialists to our account executives, rest assured that you are working with industry experts.

We use game-changing technology. Our InterSolutions mobile app features facial recognition check-in and GPS tracking. You’ll have complete peace of mind that our associates will be where they’re supposed to be when they’re supposed to be there.

We provide JumpStart Payroll Service. InterSolutions will put your candidate on our payroll. If you decide to bring them on board full-time there are no additional fees or minimum hours to make the hire. You can make sure your candidate is a perfect fit for your team before you bring them on board!

We’ll fill any role direct-to-hire with our Executive Search Team. Since we focus entirely on property management, you’ll never need to explain the unique needs and challenges of the position. You’ll always get top candidates, responsive service, and specialized advice. We’ll support you through the candidate’s first day and offer a 60-day guarantee!

We’re in an area near you! InterSolutions has branches in more than 40 cities across the United States and we are growing more every month.

Are you ready to work with us? Request staff or search for ready-to-work talent today!