Multifamily Spring Maintenance Checklist

Multifamily Spring Maintenance Checklist

Cherry blossoms are blooming, snow is melting, and the trees are budding–Spring is here. No doubt your residents will soon be itching to enjoy your outdoor amenities and you’ll need to begin preparing your property for the busy season coming.

It’s the perfect time of year to make sure your property maintenance is up to date. The more proactive you are this season the fewer maintenance requests you’ll have to juggle during the eventful summer months. That’s why our team is here to help you out. We created a spring maintenance checklist that covers some of the most common pain points for multifamily properties this time of year.

Inspect Your Roof

The winter months can be harsh on your roof and any damage could take some time to repair, not to mention the worse the damage gets the more costly repair becomes. Take the time to inspect your roof for cracks, leaks, gutter damage, and even pests so you can get any issues taken care of quickly.

Check for Moisture

Now that the snow has cleared away you should check to see where your property is experiencing moisture damage. Moisture can lead to serious issues like leaks, rot, and mold. These are not problems that you want to delay solving as they can pose a serious risk to your tenants. Check interior walls, basements, and attics for moisture build-up and send out a reminder to residents to notify maintenance quickly if they notice any moisture damage in their units.

Clear the Gutters, Drains, and Foundation Vents

After a long winter, there is bound to be a build-up of debris in your gutters, drains, and foundation vents. You don’t want that debris to lay around for too long since it can lead to clogs, improper drainage, leaks, and attract pests that you don’t want to create a home on your property.

Check Your HVAC Systems

We’re positive that right before every winter and summer season your team receives an influx of HVAC maintenance requests. It’s no secret that HVAC systems can be overworked in the winter and summer and proper maintenance should be carried out each season. To add to this issue extreme weather can damage many cooling systems and you’ll want to be sure that your residents have intact and fully functioning A/Cs. While your team carries out inspections also have them swap the filters.

Call the Landscaper

Before you know it your property will be buzzing with activity; residents will be lounging outdoors, and you’ll be packed with back-to-back tours in the busy season. Make sure your property has good curb appeal. Spring is the time to call your landscaper to lay new mulch, plant new flowers, prune bushes and trees, clear walkways, and fertilize and treat your grounds.

Spring Cleaning and Upkeep

This step goes hand in hand with the previous one but make sure your common areas and exteriors are in good shape. Repaint doors and exterior walls that need it, replace outdoor lights that may be broken, get windows cleaned, replace screens, replace batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, check for broken railings, and hire a cleaning service to do some deep cleaning of your common spaces. They can help by steam cleaning carpets, getting old cobwebs, dusting, and cleaning interior windows. These simple fixes go a long way.

Preventative Pest Control

Last but certainly not least, start treating your property with preventative pest control. Depending on your geography you may notice an uptick in certain pests this time of year; if you live by a river maybe you start to see more mice, if you are in the city you may start seeing pesky roaches come out, and in the countryside, the bees begin making their rounds this time of year. No matter the pest that plagues your area they aren’t welcome on your property. Some preventative measures you can take include inspecting your property for nests, entry points, and wood rot. Seal any entry points you find, replace any rotten wood and call an exterminator to remove nests, and pretreat your property if necessary.


It may seem like a lot for you and your team to carry out, but these are all crucial steps in maintaining your property and your residents and staff will thank you for staying on top of your spring maintenance come the summer season. If you do find yourself needing some extra helping hands InterSolutions can provide them. Our maintenance and leasing professionals are experienced, industry trained, and eager to get to work. Contact us to request staff for temp or temp-to-perm positions today!