Market Your Rental Property Effectively Online with These Tips

A property’s online presence plays a large role in effectively advertising and marketing your rental property to prospective residents. Implement these tips to strengthen your property’s online presence.

Get Creative with Your Online Presence

Make your social media pages stand out with creative content, including professional photos and virtual apartment walk-throughs. Also, add photos from your website to your community’s Google Location page. These will show up when someone searches the property name or location on Google. Lastly, make your community stand out by adding photos from recent events or holding online contests for residents and potential leads to participate in.

Gain Leads from Residents

Your current residents are your brand ambassadors. Their social media postings about the property and their testimonials are a great tool to market your property. A great way to increase these posts is to offer perks to residents who write a review or tag the property’s social media pages. Also, make sure to market the referral bonus to residents. Post the referral information on your website and send it through email to current residents to ensure that they are aware of the offer.

Learn About Your Competition

Gain some intel on what type of content and campaigns your competitors in the neighboring areas are using online. This information will offer insight into how to improve your postings and outperform your competitors. It will also give you a better understanding of what content resulted in the most engagement with their followers. Use this information as a starting point and compile new ideas and content that is unique to your property.

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