Interview with an InterSolutions Team Member Zee Mercado

Meet Zee!

Zee Mercado joined the InterSolutions Sales Team in February 2020 and has led the efforts to expand InterSolutions services to Tampa, Florida. Although the international pandemic has reduced in-person client visits and candidate interviews, Zee has been able to successfully navigate these uncertain waters to continue to build relationships.

How Zee got her start in Multi-Family

Zee has been in the Multi-family industry for over 12 years.  She got her start with a leasing opportunity through a friend in Salt Lake City, UT. The company needed a bilingual leasing agent and since Zee speaks both Spanish and English, the manager gave her the opportunity to learn the industry. After meeting Mitch, a wonderful boss turned life coach a few years back, Zee has been in the multi-family industry ever since. Mitch even encouraged Zee to go back to school and this past October, Zee graduated from Ashburn with a Master’s in Organizational Management!

Favorite Part of being on the InterSolutions Team

Zee’s absolute favorite part of the job is being able to help and be of service to others. Because of Zee’s undergraduate degree in sociology, one of her passions is to learn and understand other people to know how to best help them. She has a knack for finding the right community for candidates she interviews and connecting her clients to the talent they need.

More about Zee

Zee loves to travel and spending time with her two dogs, Ophira and Regina, a terrier mix, and a Catahoula leopard beagle mix. Since the start of the pandemic, she added reading to her daily morning routine while simultaneously enjoying her first cup of coffee. She is very passionate about cycling and has been able to enjoy her new bike by riding almost every day!

Zee’s Career Advice

The best career advice Zee has for those looking to enter the Multifamily Industry is to be responsible and reliable. Showing those two skills can help one advance in almost any career! The fast-paced nature of the industry can be challenging but very fulfilling at the end of the day so if you’re a newcomer, stick it out through the rough parts and you’ll find that it strengthens your abilities and experiences. Multifamily is a great industry and can be an amazing career if you stick to it and show up

If you know anyone looking for work or if you are a manager seeking InterSolutions talent, give Zee a call! She can be reached at 813-492-2257 or by email,