How to Transition Your Career into the Multi-Family Industry

The Residential Property Management (RPM) Industry and its communities hire millions of employees to their communities each year. Because the demand for apartments continues to increase, the jobs available at apartment communities continue to grow. These jobs offer sustainability, culture, teamwork, and endless rewards. If you are looking to enter or make the switch into a promising industry, here are some tips on how to get your start.

Get Your Foot in the Door

Do you have previous experience in sales, retail, or hospitality?  Service-oriented backgrounds make for an easier transition into an RPM career. The friendly, outgoing personality of a salesperson for example, goes hand in hand with the personality needed as a Leasing Agent. There are many entry-level on-site positions available in the industry that often require little to no industry experience. These positions include Concierge, Leasing Agents, and Porters.  Keep an eye out for positions with “Assistant” in the job title. Those are usually the entry-level jobs needed to kick start your career.

Qualifications and Skills

If you have not already, make sure that you are knowledgeable in general office skills. Skills like typing quickly and efficiently, as well as word processing, are important. These skills will be helpful when collecting payments, calculating late fees, and returning security deposits. As well as working on hard skills, soft skills are equally as important. Possessing Leadership qualities, great communication, time management, and interpersonal skills are qualities needed in the apartment staffing industry. These skills can be transferred from previous roles that are customer-service oriented.  Many companies require property management qualifications such as certifications and or college degrees. Fortunately, some companies will offer the training needed to become certified. These companies are the ones you should look out for, as the training is often included in the onboarding process.

Get Connected

There are local, regional, and national apartment associations that are excellent for networking, training, and progressing your career.  Staffing agencies have connections with the top management companies to provide you with career coaching, industry training, and will provide you with the opportunity to gain experience with different communities.  The InterSolutions FastTrack Leasing Program offers those looking to enter the multi-family staffing industry a chance to make their mark in Property Management. This paid training program takes individuals with no prior leasing knowledge and turns them into professional leasing agents

Continue to Grow

Many companies tend to promote from within, allowing you to further your career all while building relationships with your team.  A career in property management includes a competitive salary, comprehensive benefits, and the opportunity to grow your career. The further you move up in your career, the more opportunities you will have to continue to learn, grow your network, and increase earning potential.

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