3 Ways to Make Your Resume Standout Online

In today’s digital age, applying to jobs has never been more competitive. With job applications being submitted online, it is very easy for companies to overlook your resume and pre-screenings may even prevent your resume from reaching HR at all.  This does not mean you are unqualified.  Below are 3 ways to make your resume standout out online, and how to get noticed during the screening.

Use Relevant Keywords

Make sure that your resume is rich with keywords. Many companies and recruiters search their databases for resumes containing specific words or phrases. Think of the database like google, when you want to look up something specific you will search those specific keywords. But how do you know which keywords to add? Often recruiters search keywords that appeared in the job description. Identifying the right terminology is crucial so take the time to research the company and thoroughly read through the job description. Highlight important words and phrases and embed them in your resume. Make sure they are applicable to what is already on your resume and do not add too many. Just add enough to make the potential employer find your resume.

Be Creative

Try to make your resume stand out from others by using a unique format or outline. Make your resume as aesthetically pleasing as possible, by arranging the layout in an easy to read format. Using a different font other than the classic Times New Roman or Arial can help make your resume pop. Just try to make sure that the font is legible and not too distracting. The more unique your resume is, the more likely it will be noticed by the employer.


Lastly, always make sure to comb your resume for grammar and spelling errors. A single error or typo could cost you the interview so make sure everything is error-free and easy-to-read. This demonstrates your ability to pay close attention to detail as well as your professionalism. Since keywords are a big part of making your resume stand out, it might be in your best interest to have a different resume for each job. Since you will be handling multiple resumes, make sure to double-check them carefully before submitting them. Have a friend or family member read through it one last time, before submitting it.

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