How to Network using LinkedIn

Even though we are currently working in a virtual environment, networking is still a very important part of the job. Since most companies and potential employers/employees are on LinkedIn, LinkedIn is a great platform to network on.

A great way to start networking is by building connections. By building connections with others on LinkedIn, you can show what you have to offer. Make sure your profile is complete before you make connections, as members with complete profiles are more likely to receive opportunities through LinkedIn.  The more connections you make, try to get creative and personalize each connection with a short and friendly message. If you have met this person before, make sure to mention it in the message. Personalization can help you stand out and make you more memorable to the person you are trying to connect with.

An easy way to start building connections is by uploading your contacts or online address book from your email account. This way, you can connect with people you know and trust. Another way to find connections is by joining LinkedIn groups such as school groups, organizations, or volunteer groups you belong to. Once you join these groups, you can reach out to other alumni or group members.

As you build connections start thinking about how you can support and help those connections. By liking and sharing other’s posts you can help them spread their messages across LinkedIn. Commenting on status updates or forwarding job listings to a friend can go a long way. The more you do for others, the more likely the favors will be returned.

As well as interacting with your connections, make sure your own profile is up to date and you are staying active on the platform. By posting statuses and sharing posts, company updates, or other important information, followers will see that you are staying up to date. The more you post the more likely you will appear on other’s feeds. By appearing on your connections LinkedIn feeds, you will ensure that they know what you are up to career-wise.

Connecting through a professional networking platform like LinkedIn is a great way to stay connected when you can’t attend networking or in-person events. InterSolutions values each connection we make and are happy to like, share, and connect with our associates. For more information visit us at or connect with us on LinkedIn at InterSolutions, LLC.