3 Small Ways to Brighten Up Your Day

Living in a time where uncertainty lingers, causing anxiety and stressful thoughts, it is important for us to try and stay positive. Here are three small things you can do each day to give your mood a well-needed boost!

Go Outside

If possible, try to go outside at least once a day. Fresh air has been proven to improve short-term memory, restore mental energy, and help reduce stress. Even if you can’t go for a walk or step outside, opening a window to let fresh air in helps. 20 minutes of fresh air a day can help with anxiety and instantly boost your mood.

Laugh More

Laughter is an immediate mood booster and relieves physical tension and stress. It has been proven that laughter can even boost the immune system and decrease stress hormones by increasing immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies. Try watching a comedy, reading, or looking at funny pictures (like memes). Laughing with others, even virtually, is a great way to brighten yours and others’ days.

Turn Off Your Notifications

Even though it might be hard, turning off your notifications for an hour a day has lasting positive effects. Turning off your computer and phone notifications has been proven to improve your concentration and reduce stress. Instead of staring at the screen, try picking up a book or play a board/card game. “Turning off” the world for a little bit each day will allow you to reconnect with yourself and push the days anxieties out.

Even though these three things may seem simple, they are proven to instantly brighten your day. The happier you are the happier those around you will be. Happiness is contagious so share these tips and help spread joy and positive thoughts!

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