Resume Workshop: How to Showcase the Right Skills

Your resume is your first impression on an employer. They have an idea of the perfect candidate and they comb through the hundreds of resumes to see if any candidates check those boxes. They spend only a few seconds on each document, so you have to get it right the first time. How do you showcase the skills employers are looking for? Here are some tips to help you rewrite your resume to attract attention.

Review the Job Description

What does the employer say they want in a candidate? You need to tailor your resume to fit this. Don’t invent things that don’t exist, but use the language from the job description to describe your past experience. This will help them see that you’re the solution they’re looking for.

Research the Industry

Next, make sure you understand the industry as a whole. This can help you position your resume by using terms frequently used in the industry. It will also help you once you reach the interview process and you can understand and speak confidently about the information that you’ve learned along the way. For instance, when discussing your customer service background, describe how that will apply to resident relations.

Use Keywords

Most resumes are scanned first by an applicant tracking system. This means the first hurdle is getting past the robots or artificial intelligence that is used to scan resumes to find a match for the specific job. Be sure to use common keywords associated with the job as well as with the industry in general. At the same time, it’s important to use the keywords naturally in your resume. Don’t just stuff them in to get hits on the tracker.

Update the Format

Lastly, make sure you format your resume to make it easy to read and find information. Many hiring managers or recruiters spend only a few seconds quickly scanning resumes. If they don’t see what they need right away, they move on. Focus on your accomplishments first and use easy-to-read bullet points throughout.

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