Leaving Your Job? Don’t Burn Bridges

There are plenty of reasons to leave your current job. But should you just quit and leave in a blaze of glory to stick it to the people who’ve wronged you? You’ve always heard that burning bridges is a bad thing, so what? Not every situation is salvageable. But that doesn’t mean you should light the match and toss it in. Here are some reasons burning bridges can harm your future career.

 Employment Verification

Even if you provide a list of references and contact information for other people, a potential employer may choose to contact your last employer. And while it’s most common for an HR department to simply verify that you did work for them, another question can lead to problematic results. They may be asked, “Would you hire them again?” If they say no, the potential employer will grow concerned.

People Talk

If you live in a small community or work for a specific industry, you have to assume that people will talk about what happened. It may be casual, but word about your exit will reach potential employers even before you may apply for new jobs. Avoid being the kind of person they’ll talk about by maintaining your professionalism.

Concern Over Professionalism

Which brings us to the concern an employer may have over your professionalism. For example, you’ve probably heard you shouldn’t speak poorly about a past employer. But if you left the situation that you left with a lot of drama, you are going to have a hard time answering questions without a negative bent. Employers may fear you will do the same thing at their place of employment.

Have a Positive Attitude

Whatever you do, when you leave a job and you’re looking for a new position, have a positive attitude. This way, you can leave a good impression with your former employer, regardless of your feelings about them. And you can move onto a new position with a clear conscience

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