Interview Chat: What Hiring Managers Actually Want to Know About You

Everyone interviewing hears the same questions. “What are your biggest strengths?” “Weaknesses?” But there are other things a hiring manager wants to know about you. When they’re asking these general questions, they’re inviting you to engage and tell them more about you that will help them decide who to hire. Here are the ideas that hiring managers really want to know about and your work history.


The workplace today is very collaborative and much less competitive than it was in the past. Companies need to build good teams who work well together to ensure the success of the business. When you’re discussing your background with a recruiter or hiring manager, be sure to discuss how you work in teams and what your previous experience has been.


Your attitude can make or break a job search. Bringing a negative attitude into an interview is a surefire way to be ruled out of the job offer process. Instead, focus on positivity. Your interviewer wants to see someone who is solutions-oriented and able to see the good in things. Be optimistic about your future and your success.

How Informed You Are

Employers also want to know that you’ve done your research. At the very least, you need to read the job description so you can talk about it and how your skills can help fill their needs. You may also want to research the specific industry as well as the company itself before your interview. Prepare by doing your homework ahead of an interview.

Ability to Communicate

Lastly, communication skills are often the cornerstone of a positive and professional working relationship. For example, if they ask you the basic questions about your strengths and weaknesses, they’re not looking for specific answers. They want to see how well you speak about them, you don’t rush answers, you’re not repeating things you think they want to hear, and what you say more than just a couple of words. Elaborate and tell stories about your experience.

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