5 Ways You Can Be a Better Resource to Your Co-Workers

Are you of service to others? Being helpful at work can feel like normal behavior, but not everyone is open to helping others with their problems. Being there for your co-workers is one way you can demonstrate how effective you are at your job. How can you determine if you’re already a resource for your co-workers, and how can you improve your internal commutations to help others?

Be Friendly

You know from experience, working with a friendly person is a lot easier than working with a surly person. So be the friendly associate everyone wants to work with. Be kind, show interest in them as individuals, and do what you can to help them whenever possible. A friendly face, when someone is already under stress, can be a huge boost.

Be Supportive

Your co-workers also want to work with someone who is supportive of them and their decisions. That doesn’t mean allowing them to make bad decisions, but be supportive of what they’re doing and encourage them to continue doing good work. Support can take on a lot of forms, so be authentic and helpful.

Don’t Be Affected by Office Drama

It can be so easy to fall into office drama. You hear gossip, you spread gossip. But this doesn’t make you a helpful, supportive or friendly co-worker. Instead, leave the office drama behind. If anyone asks you to get involved, decline politely and spend your energy more effectively in the office.

Be True to Your Word

Finally, when you say you’re going to do something, do it. You won’t be much of a resource to your co-workers if they can’t rely on you. Above all else, be true to your word. And, if for any reason, you can’t hold up your end of the bargain, communicate that as soon as possible and help the other person make new arrangements.

Want to Move Forward With Your Career?

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