How New Flexible Work Scheduling Can Change Your Life

The future is here. So much has changed just in the last few decades that impact the way we find jobs and work day-to-day. Technology is increasing our ability to interact and that is leading to a more flexible work schedule for many traditional employees. Some people refer to this as the gig economy and some employers are turning to a contingent workforce to help them meet their business goals. Here is how flexible work scheduling can change your life.

Work on Your Terms

When you decide to take on a contract job and become part of the contingent workforce, you’re reinforcing your interest in flexible work. You get to plan your career growth on your terms rather than waiting for someone else to offer you opportunities. You can work for yourself or apply with agencies to help give you the boost you need to try the next thing.

When and Where You Want

It also gives you flexibility over your time and location. Do you want a short commute or no commute at all? Flexible work offers a variety of options. Do you want to work only certain days of the week or are you looking for something full time for a few months before you take a break? Temporary or contract work could be a great fit.

Easy to Use

When you apply to work on contract positions for our property management jobs, you’ll be given access to our employee portal app. Downloaded to your mobile device, you’ll be able to access and adjust your information including skills and availability on your own terms. You will receive notifications of new assignments and can accept or decline based on your current needs or interest.

Apply Today

To get started working on a flexible basis, apply today. Fill out an online application with all of your information and talk with a recruiter about what you’re looking for and how contract employment can work for you. Once you’re part of the system, you’ll receive information about the next steps of the process.

Is Flexible Work Right For You?

Talk to InterSolutions staffing to apply and download our easy to use app today.