3 “Must-Do” Tasks to Complete Before an Interview

Job interviews can be daunting tasks. You’re uncertain about the outcome, nervous about your presentation skills, and excited for the potential opportunity all at the same time. But going into an interview unprepared can hurt your chances of getting a great job offer. Before your next interview, be sure you do these three things to increase your chances of being hired.

Review Your Game Plan

Before your interview, plan what you’re going to wear and how you’re going to get there. If you wait until the day of to do these two things, it will be too late.

Make sure your suit or professional clothes are in good repair, wrinkle-free, and clean. This way you can fix things if there is a need. Drive the route to the interview location to see how long it takes and familiarize yourself with the commute. Be sure to check up-to-date maps and give yourself enough time to arrive early.


Before your interview, do your homework. At the very least, look at the complete job description and read the company website. Take your research to the next level to effectively communicate your interest in the company and position.

Review the company on social media and check out the hiring manager’s LinkedIn profile. This can give you more information about the company as well as the opportunity to match your skills to the job and company specifically.

Prepare Questions

While you’ll be answering a lot of questions throughout the interview process, it’s also important you have questions to ask. These will showcase your interest and give you great insight into the company. Some great questions include:

· What do you love about working here?

· What is the company culture like?

· What are the long-term goals for this position?

· How soon will you be making a decision?

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