Pre-Interview Anxiety? 3 Ways to Calms your Nerves

Preparing for an interview and arriving at the company’s office can bring up some feelings of anxiety or stress. Incorporate these three tactics to remain calm and relaxed before your interview begins.

Arrive Early

Arriving early is a simple way to ease your stress before your interview begins. Give yourself time to sit down, look over your notes, and take a couple deep breaths before you walk into the office building. Go over the questions in your mind that you may want to ask in the interview and give your resume one last glance.

Prepare the Night Before

The night before your interview, make sure you prepare for the next morning. For example, lay out your interview outfit so you aren’t wasting time looking for an outfit in your closet the next day. Also, have multiple copies of your resume printed out and placed in a room you walk through every morning. This will ensure that you are prepared and will not forget them when you leave for your interview. Print out or have directions to the interview location on your phone. Map out your quickest route so there is no possibility that you get lost on your way. Lastly, have a granola bar or a hand-held snack ready in case you need to take your breakfast on-the-go the next morning.

Give Yourself a Pep Talk

A quick pep talk can do wonders to remove your nerves or insecurities before your interview. Remind yourself of all the great skills and qualities you can bring to this position. When you feel confident and motivated, it shows in your body language and will be noticed by your interviewers. You bring great experience to the table and will be a valuable addition to the department and company overall.

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