3 Overused Buzzwords to Remove From Your Resume

Your resume should include powerful content that will not only effectively express your accomplishments but impress the hiring manager. Remove these overused buzzwords to ensure your resume is professional and expresses your skills in the best way possible.


Instead of stating that you are a creative individual on your resume, make sure to add specific experiences where you utilized your innovative mindset. Describe how you overcame challenging objectives by incorporating original ideas and designing new processes. You can then elaborate on these specific instances in your upcoming interview.


Saying you are experienced with a specific task or program can come across very vague to the hiring manager. Get specific! Take out this phrasing and add in detailed achievements you’ve had over the past few years. Your individual accomplishments will enhance the overall look of your resume and show the company decision makers these past endeavors make you a perfect fit for the position.


What makes you unique from other candidates that a company is meeting? Back up your unique personality by including specific differentiators. For example, do you have experience with specific technology systems? Have you streamlined processes for fellow employees or company wide in your past? Company decision makers want to hear specific instances where you utilized your unique outlook to help the company achieve its goals.

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