Three Job Hunt Clichés to Erase From Your Mind

Overselling Your Skills Will Get You the Job

When sitting in an interview, you want to highlight your skills and make the interviewer believe that you are the best candidate for the position. To do this, you should focus on your past experiences and how they were beneficial in helping you become a great worker. If you begin a long conversation that includes every small detail and skill you possess, it will overwhelm your interviewer. After you leave, the interviewer will not remember your strong skills because you gave them too much information to process and retain. Pick and choose what skills and experiences will make the biggest impact and express those in detail in your next interview.

Companies are Interested in the Same Buzzwords

You may have been told that specific word choice on resumes and cover letters stand out to company decisionmakers. The truth is that companies have seen many resumes in their time, and you have more of a chance of standing out from other candidates when your resume utilizes content that is unique to you. Avoid implementing overused buzzwords and content that you have seen from sample resumes online. Creative content and word choice will help you stand out from other candidates and ensure your resume makes its way to the top of the pile.

You Need a Degree or Certification to Get the Job

Some candidates will get discouraged when reading the company job description. They think that their experiences and skills are not enough to get the job, and, therefore, will not even apply. They believe their education level or lack of experience will disqualify them from the start. You never know what an interviewer or decisionmaker is thinking when they read your submitted resume. Your skills and writing ability alone could make you stand out among other candidates who have more experience or schooling. The job could also offer on-the-job training or give you the option to build your knowledge through certifications or company courses.

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