Four Time-Saving Tips to Help with Your Job Hunt

Your job search can become a lengthy process filled with completing applications and interviews. Adopt these four tips to save time and energy when executing your job hunt.

Avoid Applying for Too Many Positions

When applying to jobs, make sure you don’t apply to an extensive amount of positions. Make a list of job openings that you find interesting and then narrow down your list to your top picks. Filling out job applications for these positions can become time-consuming, which is why the narrowed down list you compiled is so beneficial. You can now focus on the application process for those specific positions and have extra time to continue your job search or enhance your cover letter.

Stay Organized

Staying organized during your job hunt is a simple way to ensure you have the necessary information you need on hand. For example, having multiple updated copies of your resume ensures that you are prepared for your next interview. Keep notes and add calendar reminders to stay updated on upcoming interviews and calls. Lastly, keep your email inbox clean and check it regularly after you apply for a job opening so you are aware when a contact reaches out to you.

Partner with a Staffing Agency

If you are looking to save time in your job search, partnering with a staffing agency could be a perfect option for you. A staffing agency matches you with a listing of jobs that are perfect for you based on your skillset. They will save you time, energy, and stress during the job search process.

Update All Materials

Before your job search begins, do a deep dive into your resume and have a “go-to” cover letter you can utilize for most applications. Updating your resume little by little while you are job searching will waste your valuable time. Last minute changes will be rushed and could cause errors on your resume as well. Keep multiple copies of your updated resume and cover letter in an easily accessible folder in your home.

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