Don’t Forget About Your New Residents! Why Follow-Up Could Lead to Higher Resident Retention

Checking in with residents and ensuring they are comfortable and adapting to the community can ultimately lead to higher resident retention. Here’s why a simple follow-up could make a big impact.

Residents Feel Appreciated

Communicate with new residents and ensure that they have all the important information they need for the property, including phone numbers, steps to complete maintenance orders, and the URL to the property’s website and social media platforms. Following up with these residents to confirm they are settled and informed expresses that they are appreciated, the staff cares for them, and they are valued as members of the rental property.

Residents Feel Included

Reach out to new residents and inform them of upcoming events at the property. They will have the opportunity to meet other residents and feel more comfortable attending the event if you assure them that the property is welcoming them and would love for them to attend. Once they attend the initial event, they will be more likely to attend events in the future.

Residents Feel Heard

A simple follow-up can also give you insight into what a new resident could be struggling with and gives you a chance to listen to their concerns. Once you get an understanding of what needs to be fixed, you can work to ensure the issue is resolved. If you fail to reach out, you may be missing an opportunity to hear the issues they have been facing and miss your chance to fix them. Your determination to resolve the problem will show new residents that the property cares about their opinions and will work hard to ensure the community is a place they can see themselves living for a long time.

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