Three Ways to Keep Busy During the Apartment Slow Season

Update Property Information

Utilize this extra time to look at your property’s online presence. Review your social media pages to make sure that the information is correct and the photos are up-to-date. Add some additional posts that include new photos or information that may spark interest in new or existing leads. Take a look at your property’s website pages as well. Updating photos of the property, the amenities, and the apartment units is a small change that will make a big difference to returning website visitors.

Focus on Your Current Residents

Showing your current residents that you care for them is crucial to resident retention at your property. Email them, post updates on your social media accounts, and post property information on your website as well. During the holiday season, let them know about new and exciting things that are happening in the new year or holiday events happening on the property. Throwing a party is a great way to let your residents know that you are thinking about them during the holiday season.

Contact Previous Leads

Because leads may be coming in at a slower pace than usual, this is a great time to focus on reaching back out to previous leads. For example, go through your list of previous leads and contact them to see if they are interested in any open units. You can also ask them if they would like to schedule a tour or meeting at the beginning of the new year. Prepping for the new year and setting up appointments will keep you busy during the slow season and set you up for future success.

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