Follow-Up is Crucial – Three Follow-up Techniques to Increase the Possibility of a Lead Signing a Lease

Finding a lead for an apartment and completing an apartment walk-through with a potential resident are both important pieces of filling apartment vacancies. Although these steps are crucial, another significant step includes following up with leads after the walk-through is completed. Here are three follow-up techniques to utilize when reaching out to potential residents.

Show Them You Listened

During the apartment walk-through, make sure to pay attention to details that are mentioned by the potential residents, such as, why they are thinking about moving, who will be moving in, and what amenities are important to them. When reaching out to these leads through email or phone, be sure to mention these details. This will express that you listened to their requests and understand what they are looking for in a new apartment.

Show Them You Care

If you haven’t heard a response after the walk-through is completed, be sure to check in with your lead to show them you haven’t forgotten about them. Inform them of new apartment openings that they may be interested in. Remind them of the application process and what you can do to streamline this process for them if they are interested in moving forward. Creating a trusting relationship will ensure that they feel comfortable relying on you to be there for them throughout every step of the moving process.

Show Them Useful Information

The more information you can provide to a potential resident, the better. When reaching out to your lead, offer them links to the property’s social media, a virtual tour of the property, or information on upcoming events. Create a sense of urgency by letting them know what events they will be able to attend if they move in by a certain date. Also, let them know that you are available to answer any additional questions or send additional information.

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