How to Engage your Residents with Social Media

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to engage residents at your property is through social media platforms. They are a great way to keep everyone involved in what is currently going on at the property and to increase communication between new and current residents.

Post Updates and Property Announcements

Social media is a great way to inform residents of different property announcements, like upcoming community events, facility closings, and property updates. Social media is a free tool that gives the property an opportunity to reach people on a personal level, with minimal effort. Once property events occur, the employees can post pictures from the event to show the participation of residents who attended. These residents can then like and share these photos to their own networks to increase visibility.

Offer Ideas and Designs

A great way to keep residents coming back to the property site is to post content that they can utilize in their daily life. Offer apartment design tips, cooking ideas, and express local deals going on at restaurants or stores in the area. Sharing this information will keep residents engaged and offers a platform for residents to write comments, suggestions, or tips of their own.

Ask for Suggestions or Feedback

Social media offers residents the ability to share ideas or changes they would like to see at the property. Pose a question such as, “What event would you like us to add to our calendar?”, “How do you feel about the current layout of the gym?”, or “We’re having a Movie Night! What movie would you like to see played?”. Giving residents the chance to offer ideas will make them feel like they are participating and that their opinion is appreciated.

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