5 Skills to Implement to Become a Successful Leasing Consultant

Apartment leasing consultants are responsible for many aspects of a rental property. They must find qualified residents for available units, recognize a possible residents’ wants and needs in a rental unit, and market the offerings and amenities of the property. Here are five skills that will help you excel in your current or future leasing consultant position.

Time Management

As a leasing consultant, you are required to set up appointments, conduct tours, answer questions, and close on leases. Strong time management skills are crucial to ensure you are utilizing your time in the best way possible. Successful leasing consultants recognize the importance of multitasking to complete all their appointments and tasks for the day. Utilize a calendar, planner, or checklist to help you plan for each tour, appointment, and follow up you have throughout each day.


A leasing consultant uses strong sales skills to aid in the process of closing on leases. They paint a picture in a potential resident’s mind about how happy they will be living at a property. Pointing out the benefits of property offerings will show residents how their needs will be met, which is crucial to filling available units.

Customer Service

Excellent customer service skills are vital for resolving resident issues. A successful leasing consultant brings a positive attitude to all situations and works diligently to resolve any resident issues that arise. They are willing to give assistance and advice to any resident that seeks out their support.


A willingness to listen to what potential residents value in a property is vital to understanding what amenities must be focused on in an appointment or tour. Narrowing in on specific property offerings might be the key to a possible resident signing a lease.


Strong communication skills are required to make a connection with possible residents. A leasing consultant should make the process of finding a new home enjoyable for possible renters. An engaging and meaningful conversation during an appointment or walk-through is crucial to ensure possible residents feel comfortable and that all their questions are answered. A strong connection and conversation can make a large impact on a potential resident signing a lease.

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