How Could Voice Technology Help Your Apartment Building?

Have you been implementing voice technology into your apartment complex? Voice technology opens up a world of possibilities for your property. Use voice technology to go a step beyond touchscreens as interfaces for getting things done.

Answer Owners’ Questions

Voice technology can answer owners’ questions. For instance, Alexa for Business can share a property’s current occupancy, net effective rent of a specific property leased in a set area, or what the remaining budget is for a repair at a specified address. And, Alexa can pull up the income statement for a specific property or the since inception IRR for a specific portfolio. Plus, Alexa for Business can share the latest news, send and receive emails, and manage security settings.

Assist Property Managers

Voice technology benefits property managers. For instance, property managers can use Alexa for Business to place calls, create to-do lists, and provide directions. And, Alexa can provide information on inventory levels, help with on-the-job training, and related issues. Alexa for Business can also be used in the conference room to begin a meeting, dial phone numbers, and control AV equipment. Plus, Alexa can be asked to extend a meeting, adjust the lighting or temperature, and order supplies. In addition, it can find an open meeting room, report building problems, and notify IT of an equipment issue.

Increase Efficiency

Technology is increasing efficiency in property management. For instance, artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbots offer better resident service by automating maintenance workflows. For example, when a resident texts management about a leaking toilet, a chatbot can send an automated response to the resident regarding next steps and create a work order for the maintenance crew. And, residents soon may be able to use voice technology to pay their rent. Also, leasing agents can use virtual reality (VR) to provide prospective residents a tour of both the apartment and complex.

Take Business Intelligence to the Next Level

Applying Alexa for Business to real estate technology takes self-service business intelligence (BI) to the next level. BI requires manual searching, analysis, and report generating, which are time consuming and best left to qualified analysts. Having a BI tool such as Alexa for Business can increase workflow efficiency and provide self-service to anyone, regardless of their skill set.

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