How Will You Market Your Apartment Community


Marketing your apartment community is an important part of being a property manager. You cultivate relationships and use your creativity to keep units occupied. Here are some ideas for promoting your apartment community.

Be Active Online

Have a well-designed, functional website that includes interactive videos and virtual tours of your apartment community and available units. Use keywords specific to your neighborhood, city and amenities to rank higher in search engines and attract residents. Implement an email marketing campaign to show prospective residents why they should live on your property. Place ads on free websites such as Zillow and in the online version of your city or regional newspaper. Add your property’s address to Google Maps and connect your website to it. Monitor what is being said about your community in online reviews. Share pictures, information, recommendations and reviews about your property on social media. Ensure all your online platforms work together and promote your brand.

Develop Relationships With Local Business Owners

Network with local business owners to cross-promote their business and your apartment community. Local employers enjoy having their employees live nearby, which results in less tardiness and fewer days missed due to bad weather. Offer to waive your application fees for employees of participating companies. Include in new resident welcome packages coupons or flyers from participating business owners. Offer participating companies discounts or gift cards for new and renewing residents. Provide a referral fee to business owners who help you secure new residents. In return, post your apartment community ad on local companies’ notice boards and shopping carts. Put your ad in company flyers and mailings. Ask local business owners to spread the word about your available units.

Advertise Potential Residents Hang Out

Pay for advertising at local schools, universities and concert venues. Place an ad in movie theatres during the preshow entertainment. Advertise at bike sharing stations. Put an ad on cup sleeves at local coffee shops. Advertise through rideshare apps like Uber or Lyft.

Ask Residents for Referrals

Happy residents who love where they live can tell their families and friends about their sense of community while living on the property. Establish a referral incentive program where each resident who provides a referral that signs a lease receives a gift, bonus or discount on rent. You can encourage resident referrals by hosting a resident referral party, asking residents to talk about the community both verbally and online, and holding open houses with property tours.

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