Our Best Job Tips to Help You in 2018 in Your Property Management Career


NPM Staffing wishes you a very Happy New Year! To start off 2018 right, here are our best job tips to help you find your next property management position.

Join a Local Property Management Association

You can network online and in person, stay current on industry news and trends, and expand your skill set. Because you connect with local community members, you increase your visibility to current and potential tenants, co-workers and supervisors who may want to do business with you. You gain access to general membership meetings, seminars, hands-on demonstrations, summits and other opportunities that increase your knowledge about the industry. You learn best practices and gain access to products and services that save time and money.

Mentally Prepare for Your Next Job Interview

Be honest and positive about your motivation for wanting a new role. Determine what type of future you want to create and what opportunities you see with the company you want to work for. Determine which transferrable skills will help you add value. Narrow your search to jobs you have the experience for. Network with others who work in the industry you want and/or have a position similar to the one you desire. Thank each person for their help and offer to return the favor.

Do Not Accept Every Job Offer 

Determine whether you will blend with company culture. Think about whether the company’s values align with your own, how co-workers interact and what some business goals are. Consider whether leaders prioritize issues you believe are important, the company emphasizes ongoing training and employees are often promoted from within. Determine whether you are passionate about the company’s products/services, how you can contribute to its success and whether you will be satisfied working there. Think about whether the salary, benefits and perks meet your needs and wants. Evaluate whether the commute fits your lifestyle and you can take time off when needed.

Work With a Property Management Staffing Agency

They can help you create or update your resume, evaluate your skill set and experience level, and coach you for interviews. Because the agency can set up interviews for unadvertised opportunities, you face less competition and increase your chances of being offered a role. You may be able to work a flexible schedule, secure a job-sharing position or change roles if one is not a good fit for you. You gain access to ongoing professional development that enhances your skill set. Although your job may be temporary, you could be offered full-time employment.

Get in Touch With NPM Staffing

For help securing your next position in the apartment industry, get in touch with NPM Staffing today! As one of the top property management employment agencies, we match great people with rewarding property management careers.


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