9 of 10 People Trust Online Reviews – How Does That Impact Your Property?


In today’s mobile society, most apartment residents rely on the internet to obtain information about which properties they want to look at and potentially live on. Because prospects are more inclined to believe what current residents have to say about a property than what the owner says, most prospects turn to online reviews to determine whether they may be comfortable calling a property home. Therefore, as an owner, you need to understand the importance of online reviews and how you can positively influence their impact on your property.

Provide Exceptional Service

Keep your property safe and well-maintained at all times. Also, charge a fair amount of rent in line with comparable properties in your area. Have repairs and services efficiently and effectively completed. Furthermore, ensure staff members openly communicate with residents at all times.

Ask for Online Reviews

The best time to ask for reviews is after a resident experienced a seamless move-in or a successful repair. Offer a mobile app, send a text message or email, or set up a kiosk in the lobby asking residents to post reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook or other online sites. Creating volume with your responses will increase your online ratings and rankings, decrease the adverse impact of negative reviews and enhance your property’s reputation.

Respond to Negative Reviews

Apologize for each issue and state what action is being taken to resolve it. When the problem is fixed, share that information to show you follow up with residents’ concerns. In addition, remember that most residents who post a negative review will post a positive one after seeing their needs have been met. Learn from each review so you can continue attracting prospects and retaining residents.

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