What Leads to You Getting the Apartment Maintenance Job You Want


Proper preparation is vital to securing your next apartment maintenance role. Because you face much competition, you need to demonstrate how you differ from everyone else and why you should be offered the position. Follow these guidelines to get the apartment maintenance job you want.

Discuss Your Resume

Many hiring managers use your resume to guide an interview. Expand on your skills and experience to show why you’re the perfect candidate for the role. If asked specific questions about your resume, volunteer details to show you fit the qualifications needed for the open position. Ensure you show spontaneity in your answers and strong interest in working for the company. In addition, rather than repeating details from your resume, expand on topics with stories and examples of how you benefitted previous employers. Because past performance is often indicative of future behavior, you want your best qualities to be noted.

Be Honest

If you’re hired for a position you’re not qualified for or comfortable performing, you’ll end up frustrated and quit after a short time. This won’t benefit you or the company. You’re better off not being offered a role because you’re unqualified so you can pursue an opportunity you’ll excel at.

Demonstrate Specific Skills  

Share stories about a time when you installed, repaired or replaced a faucet, pipe, power switch or ceiling fan. Discuss times when you repaired drywall by filling in nail holes or minor dents from daily living. Mention examples of how you painted walls after damage repair or before a new tenant moved in. Share how you mowed grass, pulled weeds, shoveled snow or deiced walkways with rock salt to keep a building’s landscape safe and attractive. In addition, offer to take a test to prove you can complete required tasks.

Show You Are a Team Player

Discuss times when you initiated, gathered information on or diagnosed a maintenance issue that needed addressing. Mention times when you sought another’s opinion when evaluating problems and deciding how to fix them. In addition, share information about how you encourage, compromise and set high standards with co-workers to efficiently and effectively complete your work.

Provide Excellent References

These may include three or four previous bosses or co-workers who can attest to your skills, experience and work ethic. Include each individual’s name, job title, employer, business address, email address, telephone number and relationship to you. You may also include a short paragraph describing a project you worked on together or a skill the individual can attest to. In addition, thank each person for acting as your reference.

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