5 Questions to Expect in Your Next Job Interview


When preparing for your next job interview, you need to create answers to the most commonly asked questions. Having appropriate, thorough answers will show you’re the best candidate for the position. Here are five questions to expect in your next job interview.

Why Are You Interested in This Job?

The hiring manager wants to know whether having you join their team makes sense for both the company and you. Therefore, your answer needs to convey enthusiasm for both the role and the organization. Also, show how your skills and experience align with the position and make you the best candidate. You should also demonstrate how the position brings your career to the next level.

How Would You Describe Your Current Boss?

The hiring manager is looking to see how well you handle being put on the spot, how well you work with others and how you like to be managed. Even if you don’t care for your boss, speak about them in positive terms. For example, point out the best aspects of your boss’s leadership style and what they taught you. Also, if you have major differences, acknowledge that you still find ways to work together on achieving desired results. In addition, show your dedication to your work and discretion at handling personal and professional differences.

What Is the Hardest Part of Working on a Team?

Because everyone has a different personality and perspective, working on a team can be challenging. Therefore, you need to demonstrate that you can do your part to reach a common goal. For example, discuss how you help resolve conflicts over positions, strategies or opinions so your team can move forward. Also, share how you ensure everyone has opportunities to contribute to the conversation and have a say in how the project is completed.

What Is the Biggest Misconception People Have About You?

By finding out whether you’re aware of how your co-workers perceive you, the hiring manager is trying to determine how easy it will be to work with you. For example, the interviewer wants to know how well you handle pressure and whether you fit with company culture.  Therefore, you need to understand how your actions, emotions and language affect others’ image of you. For example, your answer should show that you’re emotionally intelligent, can modify your behavior to fit the circumstances, and are able to think on your feet. You should also show that you’re honest and value self-improvement.

Are You Playing Not to Lose or Playing to Win?

Show that you’re a candidate who believes in innovation and reaching high goals. For example, share ways in which you take calculated risks, learn from your mistakes and continue working to get desired results. Also, demonstrate that you finish the projects you start and aren’t concerned about your outcome being unfavorably judged. Your response should demonstrate how you embrace feedback to improve your work performance as well.

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