What Makes for an Awesome Concierge?


If you work in property management, you’re probably familiar with the role of a concierge desk. If you’ve interacted with the concierge, you may be wondering how they built their performance to meet or exceed residents’ and guests’ expectations. Here are a few characteristics of an awesome concierge.

Paying Attention to Detail

A top concierge pays attention to detail. The concierge is the first point of contact for residents and guests in the apartment community.  They should be professionally dressed and polished to serve as the customer service center for the entire building.   Having a seamless approach to service and operations is critical to the resident’s happiness and to the peace of mind of the community team.  The concierge should recognize residents and learn their names to provide a higher level of personalized service. In addition, because a concierge takes personal messages for residents, the concierge must cover all necessary details in the note, including the caller’s/visitor’s name, contact number and what the message is regarding.  They take pride in their work and keep their workspace clean and presentable.

Learning Residents’ Preferences  

A superior concierge learns residents’ personal preferences and matches them with local establishments. For example, a concierge may make dinner reservations according to a resident’s taste in food, or reserve seats at the theater for an opera a resident wants to attend. A concierge may also secure transportation to and from an event a resident is attending, or reserve a conference room for a meeting a resident is having. Therefore, a concierge needs to know the area well and network with local businesses so the concierge may send residents to the establishments that best fit their wants and needs.

Knowing the Local Area  

A valuable concierge knows the local area and can provide suggestions to residents when they have guests visit. Based on a resident’s and/or guest’s wants and needs, a concierge may suggest local restaurants, attractions and service providers appropriate for any situation. A concierge may also provide directions or secure transportation to the resident’s or guest’s destination. Residents and guests are fully satisfied when a concierge shares their knowledge and/or experience with local destinations that fit their interests.

Facilitating Service to Residents’ Apartments  

An excellent concierge will anticipate needs and facilitate service to residents of the apartment community. For example, a concierge may assist with residents moving in and out, schedule housekeeping and maintenance appointments, and ensure all work is completed in a timely manner. A concierge may also sign for packages to residents’ homes and take care of miscellaneous requests that enhance the residents’ quality of life.

The most successful concierges are motivated by putting smiles on the faces of others and utilizing excellent situational judgment to resolve resident concerns and community challenges.  A successful concierge is never satisfied saying “I don’t know”.  They are proactive and curious by nature and always seek knowledge and methods to enhance the customer experience.   A good concierge is also savvy in their approach to difficult situations.  Understanding their role requires them to be friendly, firm, and fair.  They know the importance of providing a tailored approach to enhance the lifestyle of the residents thereby improving resident retention.

These are a few characteristics that describe a top concierge. If you’re looking for a concierge opening or other position in property management, get in touch with the property management recruiters at InterSolutions today!


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