What Does a Leasing Associate Do?


There’s a wide variety of roles in the property management industry. One of those roles is that of a leasing associate. If you’re new to the industry, you may be wondering what the role entails. Here are three responsibilities entrusted to a leasing associate.

Find Appropriate Tenants

As a leasing associate, you help people find their next home, how cool is that? This involves acting on behalf of the community when determining applicants’ needs and wants. You may use a website, flyers, signs, or word of mouth to promote the property. You’ll work a varied schedule, including nights and weekends, as you advertise available units, set up open houses, and show properties to potential renters. This includes all activities related to apartment rentals, move-ins and lease renewals such as preparing lease documentation and completing move-in procedures in accordance with the community’s established policies.

Exhibit Excellent Communication Skills

When working as a leasing associate, you must exhibit excellent communication skills. Since you’re working with all types of personalities on a daily basis, it’s important you remain calm, patient and professional at all times. Ask questions and listen to applicants’ or tenants’ needs so you can fill them in a timely manner. Use persuasion when negotiating leases, so both the Apartment Community and tenants are happy. Follow up on issues to know whether action still needs to be taken or the problem has been peacefully resolved. Give clear direction when overseeing renovations and other projects.

Keep Units Occupied

Part of being a leasing associate involves maintaining full occupancy. You’re responsible for promoting, showing and leasing available units so the landlord retains a steady cashflow. You need to oversee maintenance on the property so tenants feel safe and secure and keep their residence. You also have to form relationships with tenants to make them feel valued and want to continue living on the property.

Work with a Leader in Property Management Staffing

These are only a few of the responsibilities you take on when becoming a leasing associate. For help securing a position in property management, get in touch with the property management recruiters at InterSolutions today!


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