3 Characteristics to Look for in Maintenance Professionals



Hiring a maintenance professional to maintain your property takes a lot of time and money. Therefore, you need to know exactly what you’re looking for in the best candidate. Here are three characteristics you want to find when hiring a maintenance professional.

1. Versatility

Rather than contracting various workers for installation, repairs and general upkeep, you save time and money by hiring a maintenance professional with versatile skills. Look for a worker who can handle plumbing, electrical, drywall repair, painting, appliance repair, grounds keeping, cleaning and snow removal. Also, you want someone who can prioritize multiple requests daily, sometimes on short notice, and be available 24/7. Having maintenance issues taken care of as needed keeps your tenants happy, maintains timely rent payments, decreases vacancies and improves the value of your property.

2. Attention to Detail

You’ll want a maintenance professional who pays close attention to detail. Your worker needs to troubleshoot and solve problems with machinery and equipment so your property continues operating smoothly. Your employee also has to handle landscaping, carpentry, renovations and other duties to keep your property in top condition. In addition, your staff member needs to ensure your property is clean, safe and secure. They must regularly inspect the entire property, check for faults and replace damaged appliances as needed. Furthermore, your worker must clean the swimming pool, prepare available units for rental and ensure compliance with all property laws and building codes. Overall, your maintenance professional plays an important role in keeping your property attractive and helping you avoid expensive lawsuits.

3. Pride in Work

Since your maintenance professional is part of your staff, and sometimes the employee tenants have the most contact with, it’s important your employee shows pride in their work. Your staff member should be reliable and consistent while producing results in a timely manner. Also, they should dress appropriately for their position while conveying a professional appearance. In addition, your worker must develop and maintain positive relationships with contractors, vendors, and site workers so they may let your company purchase supplies and services at a reduced cost. Furthermore, your employee has to openly communicate with you, your tenants, contractors and others about completing tasks and resolving issues.

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These are three characteristics you should be looking for when hiring a maintenance professional. For further assistance with all your property management staffing needs, contact the experts at InterSolutions today!


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  1. I like the idea of looking for a professional that is enthusiastic about their job. I would want a maintenance company that took pride in what they do. That’s how you can tell they do a job well. I’ll start paying attention to that quality if I look for companies to hire.

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