Why Property Management Is the Right Career for You


Establishing a career in property management allows for continual learning, growth and access to new opportunities.  Many of our Associates have become our best customers.  Learn more about working in property management to see if it may be the right career for you.

Work with a Variety of People

Whether you work in leasing, maintenance, or concierge, you’ll work with supervisors, subordinates, tenants, clients, contractors, vendors and the public in general. Therefore, it’s important you exhibit excellent people skills. In one of these positions, you could be responsible for negotiating contracts, resolving conflicts, persuading the owner to make improvements to the property and other tasks. As a result, you need to show professionalism and strong customer service skills at all times. By working with a variety of people, you will never know who you run into that could have an effect on your career or future business with the property. A mistaken comment at the wrong time could lead to a resident leaving your building or a poor referral down the line for a potential resident looking for an apartment.

Develop Soft Skills

When working with a multitude of people in a wide range of roles, it’s important you communicate clearly and maintain a professional attitude at all times. Stay positive, form relationships with tenants and clients and treat everyone impartially. Be dependable, flexible, patient, and friendly yet firm. Stay organized so you remain focused and accomplish your biggest priorities first. Resolve issues as they occur to minimize their impact.  As you develop professionally, so will these skills. One part of your skills that takes time to develop is the ability to relate to different personalities. Some people may love small talk (“How was your weekend?”) while other people just want a simple “Hello” and go about their day. Learning the different personalities will be appreciated by everyone you encounter to keep them comfortable.

Advance Your Career

When partnering with InterSolutions, you have the potential for developing an amazing career in property management. We’ll help you learn through Grace Hill, a leader in property management training, and get Fair Housing certified, showing you understand and comply with all Fair Housing laws and regulations. These and other types of training and certification make you more attractive to companies and assist you with securing work.

Work with a Leader in Property Management Staffing

If developing a career in property management sounds like the right fit for you, reach out to the property management staffing recruiters at InterSolutions today!


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