Why Training Is Important for Property Management Associates


As a property management associate, you probably have at least one degree, certification, or another type of training in the field. However, as the industry evolves, it’s important your knowledge, skills, and experience evolve along with it. The best way you can grow your skill set and level of experience as a property management associate is through ongoing training. Here are some reasons why.

Provide Superior Service

All staffing agencies in property management provide initial training so their associates provide superior service to client companies. Management and leadership topics include building team culture, conflict resolution, and employee engagement. HR and compliance issues revolve around workplace diversity, business ethics, and workplace harassment. Sales and leasing topics include closing techniques, utilizing social media, and handling leases. Other issues revolving around customer service, marketing, professional development, and maintenance are discussed as well.

Continue Learning

Because the responsibilities of a property management associate are often changing, it’s important associates participate in ongoing training. By engaging in classes, seminars, and other educational events put on by professional and trade associations active in real estate, associates learn new skills such as operating and maintaining building mechanical systems, handling insurance and risk management and improving property values. Associates may also earn certifications and professional designations when completing programs, having related job experience, and passing a written exam. Through ongoing education, associates stay competitive in a changing industry and remain poised for advancement.

Stay Informed

InterSolutions provides all property management associates with Grace Hill training both before and during their employment with client companies. Grace Hill is a leader in providing education and networking opportunities for associates in the property management industry. During pre-employment training, associates learn about topics such as properly handling customers, watching for signs of mold or lead poisoning, dealing with difficult people, and successfully marketing properties. All InterSolutions Associates also become Fair Housing-certified, showing they understand the requirements of the Fair Housing Act (FHA) and other civil rights statues they must remain compliant with. Earning this certification shows client companies that associates are less likely to be found non-compliant and more likely to lower companies’ risk of expensive lawsuits. After securing a position, associates are given access to additional training on topics such as reputation management, marketing for affordable communities, and asbestos awareness.

It’s important you engage in continual training throughout your career in property management. For assistance securing your next position, get in touch with the property management staffing professionals at InterSolutions today! We help our associates “hit the ground running” so they can instantly help companies from the start of their assignment. Remember that all InterSolutions associates are Grace Hill trained and Fair Housing Certified. Contact us today to get started!


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