InterSolutions are reliable and the staff responses are timely. They have good communication with clients and are easy to deal with.

Leslie P., Maintenance Technician in Baton Rouge

I am very much satisfied with the hiring process, communication and feedback from your representatives. They are courteous, kind and respectful. Everyone does their best in placing qualified candidates with the best possible outcome for employment.

King S., Maintenance Technician from Richmond, VA

The frequent communication and responsiveness makes me feel that I can rely on InterSolutions. I don’t feel left hanging or in the dark.

Trisha S., Leasing Consultant from Raleigh, NC

Always available and sends quality candidates.

Tikia J., Maintenance Technician from Northern Virginia

The support they give you is something every company needs to give to their employees. I wouldn’t trade InterSolutions for anything in this world. I am grateful to work with them.

Soledad P., Leasing Consultant from New Orleans

I like how well and fast InterSolutions responded to my staffing needs.

Luisa L., Property Manager in DC

Very friendly and sufficient. I would like to continue working with you all in the future.

Laura C., Maintenance Technician in Norfolk, VA

Great team of people that work diligently and provide great communication through the hiring process.

Miashah M., Housekeeper in Tulsa

Responsive and clear communication, always there to support client needs.

Matthew V., Maintenance Technician from Bay Area

I give InterSolutions a 10 out of 10 because they always have an immediate response and act with a sense of urgency.

Roshandra P., Community Manager in Atlanta, GA