InterSolutions was able to send someone to our community during a snowstorm. Their employees gave great customer service and were able to be trained on short notice.

Lavell, Property Manager

InterSolutions is amazing to work and adjust scheduling with. This is very important to us.

Tiffany, Property Manager

I feel good getting help from InterSolutions. Their employees are really hard workers and provide great customer service.

Oscar, Property Manager

The process was seamless, and InterSolutions sent us a great candidate, who we ended up hiring. The process of approving time and invoicing is really helpful.

Denise, Property Manager

Our experience with InterSolutions has been amazing from day one. I am happy to have your presence here at the property. Our residents noted a difference and that makes me happy. Thank you!

Alexis, Property Manager

InterSolutions has excellent service. If you need to schedule a Concierge temp, call InterSolutions!

Trevor, Property Manager

InterSolutions provides very reliable and high-quality service. The Maintenance Technicians are knowledgeable and respectful.

Jeanette, Property Manager

Our experience has been great. I have received personnel that not only understood the needs, but were professional and timely. When working with the office directly, I have been able to receive responses in a timely manner also. I appreciate the timesheet process and approvals as well as the invoicing system in place. In our field, it can be difficult to obtain employees who are not only detail oriented, quick learners, but will also care about the end goal. Fortunately, InterSolutions has been able to provide temporary assistance for our office with people who were able to join our team and keep the ball rolling.

Kate, Property Manager

Thank you to the InterSolutions staff for the wonderful opportunity working with you all. You are definitely the best staffing agency I have ever worked for!

Lonnie, Maintenance Associate

InterSolutions is a great teaching tool and a wonderful stepping stone for any career in customer service and property management. InterSolutions readies employees to handle all positions and fields of property management. The company trains employees on how to properly offer great customer service and handle different situations. InterSolutions is not just a temp agency, but rather a gateway into the property management industry. As long as you are willing to learn and succeed they have the tools and connections to get you far. Pay attention and humble yourself, and you will be amazed how much they teach you.

Priscilla, Concierge Associate