Celebrating Earth Day: 5 Ways Your Multifamily Property Could be More Sustainable

Earth Day


There is no better time to start thinking about your property’s sustainability efforts than on Earth Day, but any multifamily professional knows that your property’s sustainability is actually top-of-mind all year long. The multifamily industry has been striving to meet greener standards for years and as climate change has continued to occupy more of the public’s mind, the drive to create eco-friendly homes is at an all-time high.

Our planet has provided every resource to help us thrive here and now it’s up to us to take care of those resources and of our local environments, which is why it is so important for those in the property management industry to work towards sustainability in their properties and greater communities. If you are advocating for sustainability at your property, start out by making some of these eco-friendly changes.

Do your part in your community

It’s easy to see our properties as their very own little communities because they are, but often they exist inside larger communities that share similar environmental issues and it’s important for us to help keep those environments in great shape. Partner with local businesses, schools, and organizations to create volunteer opportunities for your staff and residents! Dedicating time to cleaning up a local river, planting trees, or maintaining community greenspaces can be an excellent way to give back to your neighborhood and take care of our planet. This is also a great way to instill a sense of camaraderie among your residents!

Take care of the green spaces on your property

If your property does have green spaces, make sure taking care of them is a priority. One way we can nurture our outdoor environments is by providing lots of waste disposal options. Don’t give your residents the chance to litter; the more garbage cans on your property the less time your groundskeepers will spend cleaning up trash and debris and the less impact it will have on local wildlife. You can also make sure you’re consulting a landscaper on the best ways to take care of your property’s environment and the ideal kinds of plants and tools to use in your landscaping efforts. Another way to take care of your outdoor areas is to create policies in your community that are aimed at conserving those communal green spaces so that everyone knows how to look out for the environment.

Invest in energy conservation

There are several ways to conserve energy at your property. Some of the best ways can take a little more work upfront, but the payoff is worth it! Replacing your windows and doors can save you a fortune in energy costs. You won’t have to worry about drafts and air leaks anymore not to mention if you opt for larger windows at your property, you can also save by increasing natural light and minimizing energy spent on lighting. Another great way to conserve energy is by switching to more sustainable energy sources where you can. Consider adding solar panels to your property. There are many companies that consult multifamily businesses on the best way to incorporate solar at their properties. It may seem like a more extreme route to take but the industry is changing, and this could really add a lot of value to your community.

Make sustainable replacements in your units

This is one of the smaller ways you can make an impact and many properties have already been making these changes for years. If you haven’t started implementing some of these greener options, now is the perfect time to start. Upgrade your lighting to more energy-efficient options like LED lighting. Install energy-efficient appliances and HVAC systems; this becomes a great selling point for eco-friendly renters too. Appliances can be energy guzzlers but there are a lot of more efficient options these days for refrigerators, dishwashers, washers and dryers, water heaters, and even ceiling fans. Your options are endless, and these appliances sell at various price points which means making those changes in your units can still be cost-efficient if needed. Another area you can focus on is water preservation; try installing low-flow showerheads, toilets, and faucets to conserve water at your property. These basic changes can make a huge impact!

Offer your residents greener amenities

These days renters are more eco-friendly, and they are searching for homes that reflect their values and fit their lifestyles. Give your community a boost by embracing change and offering a more environmentally friendly space to your renters. You can upgrade your units to include smart thermostats and lighting that help your residents monitor their energy use. There are actually a lot of smart home devices that can help your residents waste less energy. Transportation is also something to think about at your property; promote environmentally friendly transportation by offering electric vehicle charging stations or a bike-share program for your residents. One last thing to consider are your waste disposal options. Convenient onsite recycling has become a must for many renters and if you really want to help your planet consider creating a composting system as well. There are even in-home composters like the Lomi that could benefit your residents. These are just some of the green amenities you can offer but you should do some research to see what would benefit your community most!

Undertaking projects like these can seem like a mountain load of work but going green doesn’t have to happen all at once. The important thing is that your property is always taking steps to reach a more sustainable future. Multifamily properties can have an enormous impact on their local environments, and we have to consider the role we play in our communities; so continue to strive towards sustainable living not just on Earth Day but every day. If you’re looking for an extra set of hands to help you get some of these projects underway, InterSolutions has experienced porters/groundskeepers, maintenance techs, and leasing associates that are available for temp or temp-to-perm positions now. Request talent today!