An Interview with an InterSolutions Employee: Meet Dee Avina

Dee has been with InterSolutions since September 2019 as Sales Executive for our Northern California Branch. Dee has been in the Multi-Family industry for 13 years and started out as a Leasing Agent. She first learned of the industry through her best friend who loved her job and spoke of the culture and growth potential in Multi-Family.  Dee was referred by her friend and hired on the spot!  Immediately, Dee knew that this was the industry she wanted to have a lifelong career in.  Now on the vendor side of staffing apartment personnel, Dee has been able to see people flourish and grow in the industry as well as help many newcomers find their careers. Dee’s goal is to help people fall in love with the industry as much as she has.

Even though Dee has been enjoying spending more time at home, she misses the opportunity to attend industry events and visit her clients’ communities.  If you know Dee, she loves to keep busy!  Dee has two small children at home, a one-year-old and a three-year-old.  Recently she has been doing as much as she can outside, including frequent visits to Huntington beach and Lake Tahoe, always finding new adventures to go on with the kids.  In her spare time, she crafts and creates party supplies and creative yard signs.  You can check out Dee’s “yard candy” on her Instagram account, @craftylilhamster!

What is Dee’s career advice for people looking to join the industry? She recommends doing basic things like being consistent and showing up on time. These skills are important and can go a long way in the industry. Being flexible and willing to jump in and learn what each company has to offer is important too because there are so many opportunities out there. Dee has been in the shoes of a “newbie” and knows that it’s scary, but says that it’s not all about having prior experience.

If you know anyone looking for work or if you are a manager seeking InterSolutions talent, give Dee a call! She can be reached at 916-605-6452 or by email,