Learn More About Yourself: Ask Your Boss for Feedback

Feedback is the only way we can know for sure how successful we are at our jobs. However, it can be intimidating to ask your boss to ask about your performance. It’s easier to just wait for them to say something to you. But being proactive about feedback will put you in a much better position for negotiating and taking control of your own career. Here are some best practices for approaching your manager for performance feedback.

Don’t Blindside Them

If you want feedback from your boss, don’t approach them and demand it. Blindsiding your boss for their opinion on how you’re doing won’t give them enough time to prepare, and putting them on the spot will feel more threatening than it’s intended to be. You are information gathering, so be prepared and allow your boss as well.

Ask for an Appointment

When you’re interested in feedback, make an appointment to speak with your boss. Let them know you want feedback on your performance. That way you can give them a chance to prepare to talk to you about it. Your boss may be willing to speak with you right away, but give them the chance to make that decision.

Prepare Questions

If you have specific things you want to know, make a list of questions you really want to be answered. For example, if you want feedback on your performance for a specific project, put together some questions that ask about the efficiency, your organizational skills, and how well you communicate with the team.

Act on It

When your boss does provide feedback, don’t just go back to your old habits; really consider what they’ve said and how you can apply their feedback to be more productive and effective on the job. Take time to improve your work or your request for feedback will only be an exercise.

Check-in Regularly

You want to know if the improvements you’ve made are making a difference in the work you do and your productivity. Your boss will appreciate that you care enough to want to make these changes and will be happy to provide updates for you.

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