3 Skills That Everyone Needs to Succeed at Any Job

Hiring managers have a very difficult job. They need to review dozens of resumes, schedule screening calls, and meet the finalists for face-to-face interviews. But what are companies really looking for in their top candidates, and who will get the job? Of course, a qualified candidate will need to have the experience necessary to do the job, but they also need soft skills to succeed. Soft skills are a little harder to define, but they are easy to cultivate. Here are the top three skills that can make you more marketable to employers.


We’ve learned over the years that communication skills are a top priority for any hiring manager. They want candidates can master all aspects of communication from in-person to telephone and even email and text.

For example, face-to-face communication is about so much more than just the words you use. It also incorporates body language. And for email, the nuance is the most important part since people can’t read tone through messages.

Comfort Levels With Technology

Technology is prevalent in everything we do and there’s no going back from that. And having specific computer skills isn’t as important as having a comfort level with technology. Employers want someone who isn’t afraid to learn new things and won’t complain when technology changes quickly.

They want someone willing to keep up with the latest technology who can use it to the company’s’ advantage.

Problem Solving

For a lot of employers, and customers, you’re only as good as the last problem you solved. It’s important that you can think on your feet and be a problem solver for your company. For example, if you work in a leasing office and you have an unhappy resident, how can you turn the situation around to create satisfaction?

Demonstrating problem-solving skills to a potential employer will go a long way to helping you get the job. Describe how you’ve solved problems in past jobs to let them understand how hiring you will benefit them.

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