Simple Changes You Can Make to Assure Your Boss Notices You

There are a lot of ways to get ahead at work. You put in your hours, do good work, ask for other responsibilities. Simple changes often make the most impact on your management team. If you’re looking for ways to become the go-to person in your office, here are some simple changes you can make to ensure your boss notices you.

Be On-Time

Being late has never served anyone in their career-advancement goals. Some people just declare they are late and no more should be expected; however, that will catch up with them. If you really want to impress your boss, be on time.

In fact, aim to be a little early. You don’t have to be a half an hour early but arrive to work 15 minutes ahead of your start time so you can get in, get settled, have your coffee and be ready to start the day as soon as your clock starts.

Be Proactive

Managers want to see individuals who are willing to take action. They want people who are willing to make the best decisions on the fly rather than waiting for permission for everything. The key here is to learn discernment to determine what items are best for you to make decisions.

Start by picking up on the little things you can do without being asked. Once you’ve proven that you can be trusted with these things, take on more responsibility.

Speak Up

Many people assume that managers like their employees to be seen and not heard, but that’s not true at all. Managers want to know when you have an idea or an opinion.

When you have a concern, let your boss know. Don’t let things fester. But also make sure you’re discussing the good things with your boss too. Tell them when you’re happy with something, don’t just come to them with complaints.

Get Involved

Finally, to get the attention of your boss, make sure you get involved. This goes above and beyond what you do every day at work. Your boss wants to know that you have a stake in the organization and that you really want to be there.

Volunteer for extra-curricular activities. Be present and active when your company does events. Participate fully in the culture of your organization.

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