Mental Preparation: Tools to Help You Get Ready for Work

Are you ready to face the day? Whether you’re on the hunt for a job or working full time, it’s important to face each day with renewed focus and positive energy. And while bad days happen to everyone, having a positive outlook will help you succeed. What mental exercises can you do to help you get ready for work and face the day ahead?


10-Minute Meditation

Meditation can help you ground and center and be more focused for your day. You don’t have to take hours or be a Zen master to utilize this relaxation technique. Just 10 minutes a day, often in the morning before you go to work, will be enough to get you in the right mindset. Sit comfortably in a quiet room. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Take this moment to clear your mind so when you’re done, your thoughts are fresh and renewed.

Repeat Your Mantra

A mantra is a tradition common in a lot of cultures but most often associated with Hindu practices. For you, your mantra can be anything. You don’t have to chant in Hindi to make use of it. Powerful words or quotes can help you shake off your stress and face the day. Things as simple as “You got this!” can be a mantra. Think about something that motivates you and turn it into a catchphrase to repeat when you need it most.

Make Your To-Do List

Before you start work for the day, make a list of what you need to accomplish. Don’t just put this on a Google calendar or app on your phone. Take time to write it down in a notebook or day planner. Just writing it down will make it real and give you an idea of the scope of the work you need to finish. When you do complete a task cross it off.

Get Organized

Never start your day with a cluttered workspace or a cluttered mind. If you’ve spent time clearing your mind using meditation and relaxation, do the same for your desk. If it’s disorganized, spend a few minutes in the morning reorganizing it. This will also help you determine what you need to target throughout the day and know where everything is.

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